Car Alarms & Navigation Systems

Alarms & Navigation Systems

Alarm Systems
We can supply and fit Alarm Systems, ranging from a basic Alarm System with minimal security, through to high security Insurance Approved Alarm Systems. Some cars may need an additional door motor to be fitted to activate remote central locking.
Some cars may also need an additional window module to be fitted to close the windows.
Central Locking Systems
For fast and easy entrance to your vehicle, we can fit anything from Basic central locking systems with 'Lock/Unlock', through to 'Car Finding', with 'Boot Poppers' & 'Window Closing', also available with a built in Alarm System. More functions are also available.
Navigation Systems
We can supply and fit Navigation Systems from the basic standalone Navigation Systems, through to multi-tasking Systems, with Music, Phone Call and Multimedia Messaging capabilites & more!.
Remote Start Systems
Some Alarm and Remote Central locking systems come with built in 'Remote Start' functionality. However we can also fit a simple 'Start Button' to your dashboard or centre console to allow you to start your vehicle by the push of a button, or flick of a switch. We can also supply and fit standalone Remote controlled start systems.
Reversing Cameras & Sensors
Reversing sensors can be fitted to any car with ease, however Reversing cameras obviously require a screen, which can be wired into your Headunit if it has the capabilites to do so. Otherwise, we will need to install a screen somewhere within your vehicle for the reversing camera.
Ariel Installations

Want a stronger ariel reception, or a slightly 'cooler' looking Shark Fin or similar ariel, ariel 'delete', or even a DAB radio installing? We cover just about all of it!

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