Vehicle Audio Installations

From a door speaker upgrade, or a simple small sub install, to a full competition spec boot build, and custom interior speaker and amplifier integration.

Simple Subwoofer Install
We stock a few Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Wiring Kits and Accessories. This enables people to simply walk in and choose 'off the shelf' products, if desired. We also have a few catalogues, meaning we can order specialist products in for you, depending on your specifications.
Custom Door Cards/Speaker Installs
We can modify your existing door cards or interior to integrate a new speaker build or similar. Whatever it is you require, we can do it! A lot of our work seems to be more SPL (Loudness) based, over Sound Quality based builds, as a lot of the high end equipment often sounds fantastic anyway, even at such high volumes.
Full Show Car/Competition Builds
These obviously take a little longer to complete and is often a lot of communication/backing and forthing for the customer, as there is a lot of different options. Time scales depend wholely on what the customer is looking at having installed, and obviously if we need to order in specialist parts or not.

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