Bodywork & Paintwork

Bodywork, Paintwork, Fibreglassing, Wheel Refurbishments, Hydrodipping and Carbon work.

Wheel Refurbs
We welcome anything from a simple respray, to a custom paintjob or hydrodipped design. We also offer a polishing service for those of you that are after those ultra-shiny wheels. (Or any other parts you may want polishing).

Whether you are after a full respray in Paint or Plastidip, or if you are after a single panel respray, wheel respray or an interior part spray painting, we can do it.

We welcome anything from small jobs to full resprays and repairs, as well as renovations and restorations.
We can fibreglass and construct pretty much any custom part required, we can also substitute fibre-glass for carbon, which is a very similar process.
Carbon Fibre
We can construct objects or panels from Carbon Fibre, we can also coat existing panels in Carbon Fibre. We use a Carbon Fibre Cloth/Weave to drape over objects and add resin/hardener to harden the carbon fibre.
We start by preparing your desired object to be hydrodipped (water transfer printed), once completed and prepared correctly, your desired part can be dipped in the chosen design, followed by a proective coating to help it last and maintain.

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