Cleaning, Polishing, Waxing & more!
(And yes we're mobile too!) - Please enquire if you wish for us to travel to you.

We will clean your car thoroughly,, even on the inside if desired, too! Making sure all the contaminants are removed from your paintwork and plastics.
Usually we would Clay Bar (to remove ALL traces of any remaining dirt or tar, or any other stubborn marks) followed by machine polishing your vehcile and then following over again, polishing by hand.
Once all of the work is done, we ensure the paintwork is to stay and protected from all the dirt that will be trying to attack your paint. We apply a few layers of wax, acting as a fantastic paintwork protector for up to 9 months.
Paint Renovation
Paint renovation can be done in many different forms, from removing 'orange peel', to removing scratches and swirl marks, we can either carefully sand back the lacquer on your paintwork with fine sandpaper, to simply using abrhasive cleaning or polishing products.
Plastic Care
Taking care of Plastics can sometimes be tricky, especially when they are faded. Some of our 'home-grown' techniques which we've learned ourselves over the years seem to be better than most we've ever tried or heard of!
We can do a full valet of your car, fully specific to your particular requirements!

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