Interior Work

Want a new set of seats fitting? Previous seats recovering? Custom made door cards or dash panels? We cover just about EVERYTHING as far as interior and upholstery goes.

Custom Modifications
Looking for something completely unique or you've found something in your house or on the internet perhaps that you think may be an awesome thing to have in your car? Let us do all the thinking and problem-solving and fit it for you, all you need to do is tell us where and how you want it doing!
Custom Panels
Want a Panel or peice of trim in your car custom making to perhaps hold your new tweeters, speakers or cup-holder that doesn't fit? Or anything along those lines for that matter. We can create custom panels or modify your existing panels to suit fit.
Upholstery & Fabric Work
From a simple 're-cover' of a section of your door car, or centre console, to an all out interior refurbishment, all we need to know is how you want it doing and what style of fabric and colours you would like and you can let us get on with sorting it out!

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