Lighting & Electrics

From light repairs (changing a few bulbs) to custom fitted LEDs or Neon Tubes. We take on all electrical work, whether it's a new horn you want, to a whole new idea you may have, or a repair on something.

Bulb Replacements
We cover anything from as simple as changing your bulbs for you. Whether it's to replace a blown bulb, or to upgrade to a brighter or different colour, or an all-round LED or HID upgrade.
Custom Lighting
We can create custom lighting just about anywhere or anyhow. If you've got a 'mad' idea and want to put it into action, let us know, and we'll see what we can do!
Flashing/Colour Changing
From anything to lights on Timers, Flashing to the music or as a Strobe, or if you want them colour changing or dimmable, it's all possible! And it doesn't always have to be activated by a Switch!

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