Some random photo's taken from our Gallery, some may be images of work we have carried out, others may be from events, shows or meets, others may be completely random pictures from our Camera Roll!

Casey's modified Corsa C

Casey's Corsa - This little Corsa C has had more 'cosmetic' work done on it than you could ever imagine! Current plans are to gradually improve the exterior looks and a lot of tidying-up on the interior, as well as a pretty damn loud audio installation in the works! We'll be adding further information to this as soon as we get a chance (and have constructed a list of the things that have been done to it).

Harry's modified Polo 6N2

Harry's Polo (6N2) - As Polo's go, this one has had endless amounts of money spent on it, Harry unfortunately sold this and currently drives a Seat Leon, as well as his new present to himself, a Land Rover - as he was fed up of replacing gearboxes and subframes! How low he managed to get this thing (static) was unreal, and often got a lot of questions from other Polo owners who were on air-ride asking how it was so low!

LED Headlights / Halo Rings

LED Lighting - From Footwells and Roof Linings, to Headlights and Dash Clusters, or even as bizarre as inside your air vents! We can install LED/Neon lighting into just about anything! Whether you want them to come on with your lights, when you open your door, on timers, or by a simple switch, we can do it.

Dashboard LEDs

LED Dash Clusters - LED upgrades in your Dash/Heater Panels or other instruments are very popular at the minute, not only do good quality LEDs last longer than normal bulbs, they are often a lot brighter (dependant on colour), and come in a wide range of sizes and colours (including colour changing!)

Dashboard LEDs

Josh Phillips' E36 - Where do we even start with this? Josh has been drifting since the age of 12! Following his fathers footsteps, Josh has been regularly attending events and competitions. Josh and his dad have put a lot of work into this E36, and there's still a lot left that Josh wants to do to it! But I can't wait to see it finished! I'm sure we'll be boasting about it enough anyway, so I'm sure you'll all be able to see and follow the progression!

LED Headlights / Halo Rings

Casey's R33 Drift Project - Believe it or not, this R33 was picked up for £650! We started with removing the engine, as there were a few problems and things we wanted to change and tidy up anyway. A new engine was bought, the exterior and engine bay stripped, and is currently in early Paintwork-prep stages, awaiting a full respray. Once sprayed up, it's a case of putting it back together and getting the essentials/mechanical bits bolted on, and the engine back in - leaving only the interior left to sort out... Definitely a space to watch!

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