Tinting Services

We offer a range of Tinting services, from headlights and rear lights, to Windows and any other bizzarre items you may find that you want to bring in for us to tint!

Window tinting isn't an easy thing to get right, as most of you who have tried will know. There are a lot of different grades of window tint available to try, and to be honest it isn't worth buying the 'pre-cut' stuff from internet, as it's very likely you'll only be unhappy with the outcome of doing it yourself and be out of pocket doing so, with the pre-cut stuff being a lot more expensive than a roll.
Headlights & Rear Lights
Light tinting is slightly different, and can be done with either a 'spray tint', or wrapped in the same film which windows are done with. Again, you have to be careful with tinting lights, and ensure you don't have them too dark which will make them illegal, and end up attracting a lot of Police attention.
Found something weird and wonderful, perhaps an everyday item that you wouldn't think of tinting and want us to have a go at doing it? Sure! Give us a call or pop in to see us and we'll see what we can do.

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